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Юлия Войс | Julia Voice – Останови. Uploaded by: juliavoiceofficial, size: 5.04 MB, duration: 03:40, views: 841,083. On this page you can find all results for your mp3 search query: юлия войс останови. We've found 20 related list. You have the chance to listen to each consequence before downloading the song.

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Слушать: ♪ iTunes║ apple.co/3fftKE6 ♪ Spotify║ spoti.fi/2zpT3UP ♪ VK Music║ bit.ly/2MOhJJs ♪ Deezer║ bit.ly/3cXPeUq ♪ Google Play║ bit.ly/2MRS3M4 ♪ Яндекс.Музыка║ bit.ly/37neXEB Booking/PR: julia_voice@ukr.net Юлия Войс/Julia Voice в социальных сетях: @ Facebook facebook.com/juliavoice @ Instagram instagram.com/juliavoice/ @ ВКонтакте vk.com/juliavoice @ Website juliavoice.com @ Twitter twitter.com/juliavoice Sound Production - Юрий Новицкий @ facebook.com/nov.yur Video Production - Tom Soda @ facebook.com/tomsodaua Оператор - Сергей Субботин @ facebook.com/sergei.subbotin.1 Слова/Музыка: Юлия Войс #JuliaVoice #Останови #ЮлияВойс

✔Приятного вам дня и прослушивания! ✔Делитесь этим видео с друзьями! ✔Также не забудьте нажать на колокольчик чтобы знать о всех новинках! youtube.com/channel/UCgIrD7M_-4ikM5sySSMGdcA

2018 update I also considered something like "we didn't know that all the paths weren't explored". Юлия Войс - Ради Тебя [Английский перевод] Very long ago, we didn't know all the unexplored paths. When I begged fate again to find happiness. You unexpectedly became desired and most important in my destiny. Now all my thoughts and dreams - everything about you. You became the center of the universe and it won't be hidden. I'll break down all walls, believe me, just in order to say: [Chorus] For your sake, I'm ready for everything! My wind carries me to you. For your sake, I'm ready for everything! Only your love will rescue me, It'll save me. Touches of tender glances, I'm so warm from your love. I'm drowning in your eyes and it's only our world. I'll follow you through the foggy years. Ready to fly beside you to the edge the world always, Always! [Chorus x2] Юлия Войс - Ради Тебя [текст] Мы очень долго с тобой не знали, что неизведанны все пути. Когда я вновь у судьбы просила счастье найти. Ты так негаданно стал желанным и самым главным в мой судьбе. Теперь все мысли мои и сны - всё о тебе. Ты стал центром вселенной и не стоит скрывать. Я разрушу все стены, поверь, чтобы просто сказать: [Припев] Ради тебя я готова на всё! Ветер мой меня к тебе несёт. Ради тебя я готова на всё! Лишь твоя любовь меня спасёт, Меня спасёт. Прикосновения нежных взглядов, мне так тепло от твоей любви. Я утопаю в глазах твоих и это только наш мир. Я пойду за тобою сквозь туманы года. На край света лететь за тобой готова всегда, Всегда! [Припев x2] To donate / Пожертвовать - paypal.me/spasiboETORS

FREE auto convert webpages from CYRILLIC to LATIN: chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/rus1net-view-russian-in-l/kmacmdooodjocenomhjgoocjoihmdknc original (updated) youtube.com/watch?v=MYLNG78nUaQ 1 00:00:08,409 --* 00:00:16,833 my ocen' dolgo s toboj ne znali cto NEIZVEDANNY vse puti we, long ago with you didn't know all the UNEXPLORED paths, 2 00:00:16,833 --* 00:00:24,290 kogda q vnov' u sud'by PROSILA scast'e NAJTI when I ASKED fate again to FIND happiness 3 00:00:24,290 --* 00:00:32,155 ty tak NEGADANNO stal welannym i SAMYM GLAVNYM v moej sud'be you so UNEXPECTEDLY became wanted and the MOST IMPORTANT thing in my destiny 4 00:00:32,155 --* 00:00:39,328 teper' vse MYSLI moi i SNY - vse o tebe now all my THOUGHTS and DREAMS - are all about you 5 00:00:39,328 --* 00:00:47,214 ty stal çentrom VSELENNOJ i ne STOIT skryvat' you became the center of the UNIVERSE, it's not WORTH hiding 6 00:00:47,214 --* 00:00:54,835 q RAZRUHU vse STENY, pover', CTOBY prosto skazat': I'll DESTROY all the WALLS, believe me, IN ORDER just to say: 7 00:00:54,835 --* 00:01:10,186 RADI tebq q GOTOVA na vse! veter moj menq k tebe NESET FOR you, I'm READY to do anything! my wind carries me to you 8 00:01:10,403 --* 00:01:29,777 radi tebq q gotova na vse! LIH' tvoq lúbov' menq SPASET for your sake, I'm ready to do anything! ONLY your love will SAVE me 9 00:01:41,061 --* 00:01:49,685 PRIKOSNOVENIQ newnyx vzglqdov mne tak TEPLO OT tvoej lúbvi the TOUCHES of tender glances I'm so WARMED BY your love 10 00:01:49,685 --* 00:01:56,352 q UTOPAÚ v glazax tvoix i éto tol'ko nah mir I'm DROWNING in your eyes, and it's only our world 11 00:01:56,352 --* 00:02:11,648 q POJDU za toboú, skvoz' TUMANY' goda na KRAJ sveta LETET' za toboj gotova vsegda, vsegda! I will FOLLOW you, through the MISTS of years till the END of the world, to FLY after you, always ready Always! 12 00:02:11,648 --* 00:02:27,054 radi tebq q gotova na vse! VETER moj menq k tebe neset for you, I'm ready to do anything! my WIND carries me to you 13 00:02:27,054 --* 00:02:43,928 radi tebq q gotova na vse! lih' tvoq lúbov' menq SPASET for you, I'm ready to do anything! only your love will SAVE me 14 00:02:57,716 --* 00:03:13,036 radi tebq q gotova na vse! veter moj menq k tebe NESET for you, I'm ready to do anything! my wind CARRIES me to you 15 00:03:13,036 --* 00:03:30,977 radi tebq q gotova na vse! lih' tvoq lúbov' menq spaset for you, I'm ready to do anything! only your love will save me amazing clip by vyacheslav mel'nik and remix by dj max creative вáчеслав мельник RUSSIANEASY.NET RUSSIAN ARABEASY.NET ARABIC, EGYPTIAN ARABIC INDONEASY.COM INDONESIAN translate translation russian english subtitles subs transliterate transliteration translit romanise romanisation romanize romanization latin roman cyrillic letter script lyrics lyric text songtext song alphabet convert autoconvert "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use" The translation and subtitles are not approved by the artists or copyright owner. The subtitled video and/or translation were created only for educational use in a non monetary manner and no copyright infringement has been intended. Contact me if you find any significant errors in this translation.


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