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[GBF]How many round got Gold Brick. Uploaded by: KYOss Channel, size: 2.77 MB, duration: 02:01, views: 3,199. On this page you can find every results for your mp3 search query: Gold Brick Gbf. We have found 20 related results. You have the possibility to listen to each end result before downloading the song.


[GBF]How many round got Gold Brick? Lvl 150 Proto Bahamut/Lv150 プロトバハムート 300k+ Honor point full auto. ฟาร์มบาม่วงจนกว่าจะได้ทองสักก้อนจากกล่องฟ้า!! ต้องกี่รอบ ถึงจะได้สักกล่องกันนะ!! ********************* ติดตาม Social media อื่นๆ ได้ตามนี้ Please follow my social media. Youtube: bit.ly/3by4KHW FB: fb.com/kyosschannel IG: kyossplaza Twitch: twitch.tv/kyosschannel ******************** Thank you for support me.

Extremely efficient FA team, even more than the usual Masquerade setup due to : - Bubz main summon that allows for call turn 1, and grants 100k supp to the team during the turn where Nehan FA casts his double strike buff (I don't think that debuff stacks with Jeanne though, but the debuffs of the call pretty much gurantees you'll land Jeanne's supplemental as well for the next turns, and cap def down). - Less animation prone compared to Masquerade (no Double strike on MC, no nuke upon dodging). - Excellent Apsaras synergy, easy to reach all the 5 axe / spear counts for zeus, with all the Amplified buffs it gets it can easily reach 4.2m auto attack damage on Jeanne's assassin turn (+ countless echos). - Very high raw damage grid, thanks to 7 spears grid with cosmos, and Ultima spear that further boosts MC and Jeanne damage through its EX and Stam mods, as it replaces what was before a completely dead slot when hitting during the off element phase. - Can slot Zahlhamelina and cast her field manually to retain high damage in off element phases. Her sk1 actually allows you to not take damage during those three turns and prevent losing stamina damage. Even in supersonic raids where you can only take one turn (often in dark phase), you'll still score around 800k honor, which is honorable and less of a waste of time.

00:00 START 0:10 - 1 0:21 - 2 0:38 - 3 0:53 - 4 1:11 - 5 1:19 - 6 1:35 - 7 2:13 - 8 2:33 - あ 2:54 - 結果 / Result

Many people has done this video already. But for those of you who got Nehan just recently with the lottery ticket, this video might help a little bit. Okay, now, to business~ WHAT YOU NEED: -Nehan (well duh). -The most interchange-able character is HalMal. You can use whoever you like but I recommend to use HalMal because they're still the best character to be used in this setup. -Masquerade job unlocked and max level. -Opus weapon ULB with "Alpha Pendulum" as its first key, and "Chain of Falsehood" as its second key. -You don't necessarily must have a primal weapon pool. Magna can do this too but in term of damage ceiling, I use primal as an example. Ask below in the comments if you have something to ask, I'll be gladly to respond to your feedbacks. Please SUBSCRIBE if you like the video. I make Granblue Fantasy contents regularly. ================================== ビデオが気に入ったら購読してください。 グランブルーファンタジーのコンテンツを定期的に作っています。 #GranblueFantasy​​ #Nehan #Masquerade

ヒヒ落とします ■Twitter twitter.com/quwatoro_gf ■良かったらチャンネル登録お願いします! youtube.com/channel/UCbC7w818ZosPu6OtXsrEnow #グラブル #グランブルーファンタジー

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