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The Pink Elephant in the Ghetto MOVIE (The Pink Elephant Independent Film Project). Uploaded by: TiTi Ladette, size: 8.7 MB, duration: 06:20, views: 182. The following you can find every results for your mp3 search query: Pink Elephant In The Getto. We have found 20 similar list. You have the opportunity to listen to each final result before downloading the music.

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The Pink Elephant Independent Film Project is my ultimate effort to GIVE BACK and CHANGE THE WORLD. The film is based on my best selling memoir, "The Pink Elephant in the Middle of the GETTO"(Intentionally misspelled) which to date has sold more than 80K copies and has also traveled successfully as a stage play for the past 3 years. My life story includes childhood molestation, mental illness, drug addiction, long periods of incarceration, and arrested development. These are the issues that everyone knows exist, especially in urban communities, yet we dare acknowledge or seek help. After 25 years in active drug addiction, 14 years of my life spent in prison, and losing my children 5 times to the state's child protection services, I knew there had to be more people like me and help for us all. I realized though, it's hard to find those people if no one is willing to talk about it or acknowledge the issues, thus the title, "THE PINK ELEPHANT..." After a video testimony of me telling my story on white index cards went viral on Facebook a couple of years ago, it amazed me to see how many people related to my story. Not only that, after going viral on about 25 different platforms with over 60 million views, it presented a CHARGE ON MY LIFE. A charge to EXPOSE the PINK ELEPHANTS in EVERY GHETTO and to give a message of hope that NO MATTER WHAT HAND LIFE HAS DEALT YOU, WITH GOD, YOU CAN WIN WITH IT.

This video is about Pink Elephant in the middle of the Getto live show.

The Pink Elephant in the Middle of the Getto is more than a story. It is a journey through a life filled with hurt, pain, drugs, mental illness, verbal, physical and sexual abuse. It is an up close and personal look at the impact our words and actions have on others. It uncovers what most never want exposed. It sheds light on those who are living their life in darkness. And, it gives anyone dealing with loved ones in darkness a different perspective. Despite her trials and tribulations, TiTi has managed to make a positive difference in her life, and the lives of others. She is determined to succeed. The truth is - she always has been.

A revised edition of the original best selling memoir is now allowed in Texas Prisons and other prisons and facilities worldwide. The original version is still available online on amazon and kindle. You can also order a personal signed copy of the original version directly from my website: titiladette.com AT THIS TIME THE INSTITUTIONAL VERSION CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED TO INCARCERATED INDIVIDUALS FROM AMAZON.

Pink Elephant in the room

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