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Kendrick Lamar Ft. Drake - Poetic Justice - Lyrics. Uploaded by: HitLyricsYM, size: 6.89 MB, duration: 05:01, views: 5,194,584. The following you can find every results for your mp3 search query: Poetic Justice Lyrics. We've found 20 related paylist. You have the chance to listen to each consequence before downloading the song.

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Kendrick Lamar - Poetic Justice (Lyrics) ft Drake [Tiktok Song] #KendrickLamar #PoeticJustice #Drake

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*CHECK THE DESCRIPTION BOX* *NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED* Credit to the Owner/Author/Songwriter of this Song // I DON'T MAKE MONEY OUT OF THIS VIDEO // FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @LyricsVids247 Check out these Youtube Channels: BroadMae: youtube.com/user/BroadMae RoyNielMusic: youtube.com/user/RoyNielMusic ExilEdits: youtube.com/user/ExilEdits TFootballChannel: youtube.com/user/TFootballChannel Lyrics To This Song: rapgenius.com/Kendrick-lamar-poetic-justice-lyrics "K.Dot has been dropped off back at home by his homies and is about to go see Sherane. He's probably driving on the way there in his Mother's van. He talks about her and their relationship so far — it appears they may have had some arguments, he talks about her meeting up with her girlfriends to curse him, and going out partying rather than talking with him" Also samples Janet Jackson's "Any Time, Any Place" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­----------------------------------------------------- ENJOY THE SONG. Poetic Justice - Kendrick Lamar Feat. Drake // HD Poetic Justice - Kendrick Lamar Feat. Drake // HD Poetic Justice - Kendrick Lamar Feat. Drake // HD Poetic Justice - Kendrick Lamar Feat. Drake // HD Poetic Justice - Kendrick Lamar Feat. Drake // HD

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