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Puta España Musical - José Bretón. Uploaded by: P.E.M Resubidas, size: 4.35 MB, duration: 03:10, views: 22,282. Here you'll find every results for your mp3 search query: Puta España Musical. We have found 20 related list. You have the opportunity to listen to each final result before downloading the music.

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Puta España Musical - José Bretón

Puta España Musical (P.E.M.) is a Spanish band known for songs with dark and satirical themes, which many people may find offensive. In 2015, members of the band were arrested for "inciting hate and violence against disabled people": publico.es/culturas/detienen-al-grupo-puta-espana.html In their defense, band members have stated that their songs are parodies intended as social commentary, rather than seriously seeking to harm anyone: elmundo.es/madrid/2015/05/02/5545274c22601df7598b4586.html Their song "José Bretón" is something of a murder ballad (or "corrido"), and concerns a case where José Bretón was found guilty (by a jury) of murdering and burning his children: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jos%C3%A9_Bret%C3%B3n_case Song lyrics, and some opinions, are available here: meristation.as.com/zonaforo/topic/2140042/ My playlist of Spanish music: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWcGIDy0R2W31csUYq5cWBybKb9jRy2gP My website: losinger.altervista.org/index.html Lyrics and chords: [Em] Ni Copperfield ni Tama- [G] -riz ni Harry Potter ni Hermi- [D] -one Mi mago ES José Bre- [Em] -tón. Tiene una es-PO-sa infe- [G] -liz a la que NO pasa pen- [D] -sión que pillo QUE-ES José Bre- [Em] -tón. Dos reto-ÑOS que usan pa- [G] -ñal Le dan más GUER-ra que el co- [D] -pón... Pobre-CI-to José Bre- [Em] -tón. Con una ar-GU-cia de cha- [G] -cal él se los LLE-va de excur- [D] -sión… Qué famili-AR José Bre- [Em] -tón! José Bre- [G] -tón José Bre- [Em] -tón Es un mag- [Am] -NÍ-fico pres- [C] -TIdigita- [D7] -DOR Y a SUS niños con- [G] -TA-gia Con un truco de [C] MA-gia [C7] Y al escon- [G] -DI-te quiere [D] SER el campe- [Em] -ÓN. Y a una fo-RE-nse escanda- [G] -LI-za... Una mon-TA-ña de ce- [D] -NI-za... Que quizás SE-a de un ra- [Em] -TÓN. Pero hay U-ñas y unos [G] PI-ños Y el ADN de unos [D] NI-ños Y es que PE-pe es jugue- [Em] -TÓN. Y por es-TE tipo de [G] BRO-mas A uno YA le echan de [D] HOG-warts... Es muy REC-to Dumble- [Em] -dore Les tenía UN poco de [G] AS-co Y los a-SÓ junto a un chur- [D] -RAS-co Que tengas BUE-na diges- [Em] -tión. José Bre- [G] -tón José Bre- [Em] -tón Ha constru- [Am] -ido en su par- [C] -cela un asa- [D7] -dor... Pa-RA curar sus [G] MA-les.. Cal-CI-na a sus cha- [C] -VA-les [C7] José Bre- [G] -tón se mere- [D7] -cía está ora- [G - A] -ción. José Bre- [A] -tón José José Bre- [F#m] -tón José le han conde- [Bm] -NA-do a vi- [D] -VIR en la pri- [E7] -SIÓN... celebra el fin de [A] A-ño... junto a Miguel Car- [D] -CA-ño [D7] que es otro [A] MA-go Anda- [E7] -LUZ y jugue- [A - B] -TÓN. José Bre- [B] -tón José José Bre- [G#m] -tón José La la la [C#m] la la la la la [E] la la la [F#7] la... la GEN-te conven- [B] -CI-da,... lo llama PAR-ri- [E] -CI-da [E7] y LO que [B] PA-sa es que [F#7] PE-pe es jugue- [B] -TÓN. [F#7] Lo QUE su- [B] -CE-de es que [F#7] PE-pe es jugue- [B] -tón [F#7] Es un mag- [B] -nífi- [F#7] -co….prestidigita- [B] -dor [F#7] Ay [B] Ruth!

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